Sony SCD-1 audiocom mod vs. Wadia 861 anybody?

Is there anybody out there who has had the opportunity to compare a fully modified SCD-1 (or 777es) by Kern to the Wadia 861? Auditioning these two together is virtually impossible.

I just sold my 777es for a Meridian 508.24 because i needed XLR jacks. I haven't been able to listen to the Meridian yet but now that I'm selling my turntable i have the cash to mod an SCD-1. Any comments on the Meridian would be appreciated too. My entire system changed so I'll never know how it sounded versus my 777es (which i loved.) if i'm not going to have a turntable i want the best digital playback i can get.

Thanks in advance
Audiocom modification is like $3000 would suggest looking for a used gnsc statement modified Wadia 861 for $5000-$6000 here sometimes.I had a nearly audiocom level modified by Richard Kern Sony scd-1 which was bettered by Audio Aero Capitol 2 which was bettered by Wadia 27/270 combination which was bettered by the gnsc statement modified Wadia 861 player I'm sure the full Audiocom Sony would still definitely be bettered by the gnsc player
No offense Mejames,but what does nearly level modified mean?There are so many levels of modification with these players,could you be more specific.What did't the player have compared to a fully modfied player and where was it lacking?Thanks.Gary.
had $2400 modification by Richard Kern everything but the latest transport and latest clock updates
sonically the problem was basically vocal images were card board cut outs there was virtually no front to back depth of image as their should be which makes it sound like the singer doesn't have a head basically. Just didn't sound like a real person was there singing. Vocal images were flat may be a better description. And lacked some presence and not enough 3 dimensional information even using SACD's.
i have not heard the wadia 861 so my comments are solely related to mr. kern's fully modded scd-1. this includes transport mods,transformer mods,superclock 2,audio board vishay resistors,audio board black gates,audio board regulators,audio board op amps,power supply board black gates,power supply board regulatorts,and buffer ic's. this for ~ $4k. i can tell you,without stuttering,that vocals are superb,front to back imaging is superb and instrument imaging is also superb and destroys a stock scd-1.
Go for the Wadia 861 but get the SE version ! That IS a modified player in the sense that Wadia puts modifier level parts in it right at the factory.
My audio club did a blind, level matched comparison and a modded SCD-1 beat out a non-modded Wadia 861 and the vote wasn't close.

Can you tell us more? What level of mod on SCD-1? Rest of the system? What's better?
Wow. I guess the answer is that you really can't go wrong with either one. thanks all and thanks Jwin for the great info.

of course, now we need to find someone who has done a blind test with the 861se but frankly, the ability to listen to sacd makes me lean towards the scd-1 or 777es (which i foolishly just sold!)
I know how you feel--what digital product should I invest in? How will things work out in the industry? Do I need SACD? Can combination players do the trick? etc.

I finally decided to get over it with SACD. I bought a Mude Model 10, which I can run straight into my amps with an ANALOG remote volume control. It is quite simply the best digital I have ever heard. Really. Now, a huge world of existing CDs is opened up for me. It sounds so good on all kinds of discs, it's almost like playing records. I don't have to buy from a limited catalog of wierd and obscure performances on SACD, or be limited to choices from the past that SONY reissues. The Muse is not a chic, in-crowd, high visibility player. I know that I will never get my money out of it if I wanted to sell. I chose to put my money where my mouth (and ears) is and went for superior Redbook and DVD-A playback. I can always buy another SACD player if I must, but why? I won't find SACDs of hot new recordings in the record store. The industry doesn't care about them. I'm happy with my choice.
I have noticed the same lack of depth with my modded scd-777es. I use it as a transport into an audiomeca enkianthus X dac to phenominal results. The Modded scd777es is a very nice stand alone player, though it is completely outclassed by the dac. As a transport, I doubt it could be easily bettered by most of what's out there.
The SCD-1 had the superclock II and transport mods. The epeakers were Dunlavy SC-4a, The tube amps were Wavestream and the tube pre-amp a Conrad Johnson 16 I believe. It was the model under the art.
I just had my SCD-1 modified by Reference Audio Mods (East) with the Audiocom SC3/SC3 PSU. The SC3/SC3 PSU MOD is AWESOME!! There is so much more musical information presented with such great EASE and REFINEMENT. Musical enjoyment from the SCD-1 now approaches my Oracle Delphi MKV SE with a Graham Phantom and Helikon cartridge. I am surprised at the level of improvement.
Wadia SE versions have a superior transport, TEAC I believe.