Sony SCD-1 as transport?

Does anyone have any direct experience in using the Sony SCD-1 as a transport for their DAC? If so, does the SCD-1 make a good transport? Any comparisons to other transports would also be helpful. There has been both negative and postive comments made on the Sony 777ES as a transport in a previous thread.
Actually, that's exactly what it does best. CD payback is good, SACD is excellent, but with a first-rate digital cable (NBS 0 RCA-RCA) through a really fine external DAC (dCS Purcell and Elgar) it out-performed my Levinson 37 (using a balanced NBS 0 cable). One caution--it's the transport part of the Sony that most requires the extended break-in period. Don't expect this result before you've had 4-500 hours use.
I've been running my SCD-1 through a Dodson 217 mkII 'D' DAC and Stealth Varidig Signature for the past four months and can't complain. A bit less glare/edginess in the upper freqs and a bit more forward midrange. Bass is quite nice, but somewhat similar to the Sony sans DAC.
Thanks for the info Mgottlieb & Chris. The reason that I am concerned about the sonics of the SCD-1 used a transport is due to the fact that a reviewer stated that "the SCD-1 has a low quality digital output conversion method." However I don't know whether this is based on facts or just assumptions based on listening sessions by this reviewer. I am also aware that the Dodson 217 DAC is less sensitive to transports than many DACs due to its extensive reclocking features. The transport that the SCD-1 will replace is a Theta Data Basic II transport.
i have used my scd-1 with a ML 360s for cd playback for a while. the SCD-1, given its price, is not a bad transport. I have found that Filter 3 on the SCD-1 playing CDs sounds closest to SCD1 as transport feeding a 360s. to my ears that is. unless you have a pretty good DAC, you might want to use the SCD1 as is.
Regarding your question on the SA777 vs SCD-1, Stereophile stated, in their review, that both machines are the same except that the SCD-1 has balanced outputs. Sony disagrees, of course. Do you know if, in fact, there are other the differences?.
As to the last post, if you look at the specs, you'll see that the SCD-1 is heavier, and the Sony rep I spoke to said that that is because it has a larger power supply. Whether that translates into any practical difference, who knows?
SCD-1 has the fifth foot, potted transformers and hand picked/hand soldered parts to go along with the quasi balanced outputs, which aren't truly differential. Most people find the S.E. outputs actually sound better. Go figure?