Sony SACD xa77es or scd-777es????

I am contemplating getting into SACD and both the scd-xa777es and the scd-777ed seem to fit within my budget, used of course. I was wondering if someone has had the chance to A-B these two pieces. I did find in the discussion forums a couple of threads talking about the physical differences of the two units but was unable to find anything about the sonic differences between the two. I am curious about the differences in both SACD and Redbook playback. Also, I am open to suggestions on any other units that might fall right around this price range. My California Audio Labs CL-15 has been a true performer over the years, but alas it is time to move on.
Do a search in the archive,

You'll find lots of discussion there.
You should try posting this over at the high rez asylum, you'll get tons of responses.