sony sacd players to get

I'm trying to decide between sony scd- 222, scd-333, scd-555 cd changers and, scd-777. Any sonic differences?
I owned the 333 and the 777. The 777 is a better unit and paints with a wider and deeper stroke, but the 333 is a good unit and was very convenient and hassle free while I owned it. The 777 are problem prone but very nice units and the build quality is superb. They also have quite a following in the modification market.

I would also check at the hi rez thread on audio asylum as I am out of touch and the new Marantz units might be a giant killers.

Have Fun!
I owned an SCD-C222ES modified by and it was terrific. The SCD-777ES is optimized for 2 channel SACD play, and is a formible player amongst all SACD players. The SCD-C555ES was rated a best buy by Stereophile and I heard great things about it.