Sony SACD Player SCD-XA5400ES; YAY or NAY?

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Sony SACD Player SCD-XA5400ES; YAY or NAY? (around $1,000. usd used)

6 dacs, 3 left/3 right

sends SACD’s DSD out RCA jacks without conversion to PCM.

Upscales CD’s 8x to SACD #s, then out RCA

spinner traverses over fixed dual laser: one cd, one sacd

2010 model: typically 10-12 years old, I see laser assemblies for sale, indicates

a. people want to keep em going.

b. laser problematic

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I have Luxman D10x in one system 

Luxman D03X in another 

And the Sony 5400es in another one. I bought three extra laser units so it might Outlast me lol.

Great piece of audio.

I noticed that no streaming replaces a CD.



Absolutely. Sony's last great SACD PLAYER. Love mine.

Also plays DSD disc's.


I’ve got one and I can attest that this is a hefty, well-built piece of gear. The DAC in it is circa 2000’s; I replaced a California Audio Labs Delta/Alpha set with it and it was definitely an improvement in detail but not in musicality. But when I got my Schiit Yggdrasil, the difference was astounding. I listened to a few SACD’s for comparison with streamed versions, and put the unit away in my basement as a backup. The Yggdrasil was far, far superior in all respects to the dac in the Sony, even with SACD recordings compared to the 44/16 versions.



Nice! collection of CD/SACD players. Besides the SACD playback capibilty, can you talk about the sonic difference(s) between the Luxman D10x and D03x ?


Happy Listening!