Sony SACD 333ES break in period

I replaced my 777 ES with the 5 disc changer 333 ES. I must admit, other than the beautiful build on the 777ES, there is little difference in sound quality between the two. However, I have read a lot of threads regarding the 333ES and its long break in period. I do not see any of this documented on manuals or Sony sites. Can someone please elaborate on this so called break in period.


It took me about 10 hours of playing to make regular CD's sound better than the player I was replacing. I have just returned this player back to SONY because it always replays the first disk twice when in "all disks" mode. They said there is no fix to this problem. I am awaiting a replacement model.
I had to get about 125 hours in on both redbook and sacd before I felt things smoothed out somewhat. You will not find much documented by manufacturers on break-in unless its amplifiers, so unless you are dealing with a 30 day return policy give it some time.
Just bought one a week ago and it sounded good out of the box. Ran it continually for 24 hours and it sounded even better and now after about 60 hours I have not noticed much change. Overall I am very happy with unit would recommend that if anyone is interested they better act fast as they are out of production and are going fast. Paid under $600 and it is an absolute steal.