Sony SACD-1 vs ML39..Which is best overall?

I am interested in a CD player and have heard that the SACD is awesome but how does it comre with the ML39 on regular CD's and overall quality?
They're both very good, and you have to be pretty golden eared for the difference to be meaningful to you. The ML39 gives a good, honest presentation with a flat frequency response, decent dynamics, and good detail. In comparison, the SCD1 sounds a little rolled off on the high end, which actually makes it sound smoother and richer, a la tubey, but not in a very pronounced way. For example, cymbal sounds have a "shhhhh" character on the SCD1 versus a "ssssss" character on the ML39. It's a small difference, and I hope I'm not just hearing different hands on the mastering boards. The SCD1 has similar dynamics but seems to enjoy better detail retrieval. Quiet sounds have more shape, better definition, a beginning-middle-and-end to them, versus a small splash of mainly middle sound on the ML39. It becomes a question of your taste. By the way, I recently upgraded my ML39 to the ML390s. With the upgrade, the unit sounds much more dynamic, punchier, and somewhat brighter. It's clearly better. I prefer the ML390s over the SCD1 because I like bigger dynamics more than better delicacy.
Nice comparison and review of the two components Jameswei-- thanks, and Cheers. Craig.
Hi Craig. Being a former No. 39 owner and having auditioned the Sony SCD1, I would suggest your try to hear the Audio Aero Capitole 24/124 before making a final purchase.

For me at least, it was a clear winner, hands down, even over the Sony playing SACD's.

Good luck!