Sony S7000 used as CD player

I am in thje process of drastically upgrading my system, which will eventually go through a Theta Casa Blanca for sound and home theatre. I have been out of audio for many years and I am really confused about which way to go in the format wars.Until really nice units come out that can play it all, I was going to get a CDP. However, what about the option of using my Sony 7000 CD/DVD as a transport and using the digital output through a DAC. I was thinking of picking up a used Dodson and upgrading to 24/96 or a new Bel Canto. Thanks, David Shapiro
David: Our situations are very similar. I have been out of hi-fi myself for some time and am getting back into it also. I'm currently using a Pioneer Elite DV-05 DVD/CD player as a reference CD transport, and I've been very pleased with the addition of the Camelot Dragon 5.1 anti-jitter filter. It's available from for about $500. (Single digital coax or toslink input) The device will de-jitter about any digital signal, including DTS and AC-3, but I really noticed an improvement when using the DV-05 as a CD transport through the Dragon. Would think a similar possibility exists with your Sony unit. I'm not associated with Camelot, just think they've got an impressive device to market. Their website is (I think). Hope your upgrades go well. Mark P.
Dear David, I have a relatively good setup now for sound. I have an EAD TheaterMaster Signature preamp and their PowerMaster 2000. I was using my Sony S7000 as a transport for dvd's and cd's. But then I got a dedicated cd transport. I am using the Sony S7000 for dvd movies. But I am using an older EAD T-1000 as a cd transport. The difference was huge. With the T-1000 music from this transport made my system sound truely highend. Even the big Pioneer DV-09 didn't make a good enough cd transport. I hope this helps. Sincerely, Brian C. Kwong
I have an S7000 running into a DC-1 and the CD playback sound, while not being top-level, is very good. One thing that *REALLY* made a difference was getting a very good digital cable (I chose the Illumination D-60). I've not tried using a dedicated transport in lieu of the Sony so I can't tell you how well it does in comparison. However, considering the Sony and the fact that my DAC is a home theater unit, I'm very impressed by the sound. (Not that I'm not thinking of upgrading it soon, though... audiophilia sickness and all).