Sony's New SACD Player

I just read about Sony's new top-of-line SACD player in Twice magazine. It will have Firewire output for all channels. This will enable it to go directly into their new processor digitally. It will also have advanced copyright protection in addition to Watermarking. Other firewire enabled processors should follow.
Sometimes, digital reminds me a lot of automobiles...

This year, you can get everything you want, but in two years, the new body style is coming, and it sure is a lot sweeter than that of today.

Then, when it finally gets here, the options you want cannot be ordered together. You can have a manual transmission, but only if you don't buy the all wheel drive, and you can have the convertible, as long as you can forego the turbocharger. And, the cloth seats, they aren't available unless you buy the ski package, which precludes you from getting the stereo you want.

Anyway, I guess this is Sony's version. You can have FireWire out, but you have to take watermarking, blah, blah, blah.

Is this supposed to be better sound? From what I read about watermarking, it is clearly audible to the most uncaring listener, once pointed out to them. With we audiophiles obsessing about every hum, our cables, and even power and receptacles, does anyone think watermarking will not absolutely drive many to the crazy house?

Thank you, Sony! I still feel happy that I got in early on SACD, before they had too long a time to mess it up. Well, from the likes of Accuphase, Classe, Krell, Linn, Musical Fidelity, etc. that is where our future lies anyway. In the audiophile companies. But, didn't we know that from the get go?
Trelja is soo right, but speaking of right, can you say modwright? By the time the new Sony hits the market, there will be a few guys/gals already offering ways to improve it and get past the limiting issues just like in aftermarket parts for automobiles. Now where are my old Craigers and Hollie carbs?

Happy Listening.
Spot On! If you combine the "Holleys and the Cragers", along with what might be considered a "modern service ethic" as was discussed in, that you participated in, I believe that you have the needed recipe for an "emerging industry" that can develop product stride for stride with the major electronics manufacturers and drive circles around them in the service and customer relationship departments.
Well, it's the same watermarking that's on SACD now.
Jeffcott, I am still laughing, thanks!

Happy Listening. If you are in the NYC area let me know, I'll buy.
Here's the UK version with specs. Be sure to check out the amp.
Here's a dumb/smart {not sure which} question ? If you have a firewire out, connecting to your pre, than wont your pre
have to be able to decode DSD properly ?
Yes. Your processor must have the firewire input with SACD decoding otherwise, you will have to use the analog inputs for SACD. The 1394 DTCP digital connector has been adopted as the Scarlet Book spec for the SACD standard.
Hopefully, there will be some dacs to use the firewire with that cost far less than 10k, in the nex't year.
Yes thats my "be careful what you wish for" thought, because first you buy the player, than you have to upgrade your DAC, your talking a big piece of change !
Sony's top processor/amp will be 4500.00 and will be capable of 9.1 channel output and 3 zones. The SACD player will be 3000.00.
9.1 channels? Is it like front left, front centre, front right...., attic, cellar, bath, and kitchen??

Folks, more (speaker) boxes mean more problems! Can't we be happy with two (like ONE wife and ONE mistress :)

In my opinion, two is best in most cases.
9 channels is crazy, think of the amps, cables , yikes !
Not to mention you would need a HUGE room to even think about it. But as to the Firewire , unless you are having massive bass mangement issues, which I personally do not, IMO its crazy to have to upgrade 2 components, especially if your already happy with your front end and DAC. The Firewire connection would have to provide a "significant" sonic advantage for me to consider it. I could be wrong, but my gut reaction says it wont.
Exactly! Look at the nature, two eyes to identify the depth of field, and two ears to identify the delay in sound, so that you get the sense of direction of source. All you need is two good sources of sound and you get it all, anything else is excess baggage.

Movies, ofcourse is a different ball-game. There's so much chaos and confusion, spectator is bewildered anyway. And if that is not enough, you have a guy on your screen and there's an explosion BEHIND him. Instead of you hearing the explosion with a delay (which creates the illusion that the explosion takes place far away from the foreground of your screen), you hear it from your BEHIND! So much for that crap.......