Sony Qualia Versus 2007 Products

Does anyone have any coments on the 46LCD Qualia?
From what I understand, the new Bravia line is effectively the same technology as the Qualia 46" (same filters, same LED backlight). The 46" Qualia was by far the best LCD at the time it was introduced and beat the Sharp 45 when it came out, but it was twice as much a month after the Sharp was released. The problem with the Qualia line here in Japan was their marketing model. They intentionally only gave it to selected dealers, and there was NO discounting (and in the land of the electronics discounter, that's a sure way to keep sales low - "Yes, this Sharp LC45 is 550,000 yen but I can let you have it today, if you pay cash, for 469,000 yen. Oh that? Yes, that's the top of the line Sony - quite nice actually - called the Qualia 005 - It retails for 988,00 yen, and I can let you have it for, let's see, 988,000 yen, and I can offer you free installation with that too.")