Sony Qualia 004 projector-How well does it work?

I am considering this projector for my new HT. I will use a 100" perforated fixed screen. I prefer to select this project rather then wait, because our home will be finished by the end of October. Thanks
Saw a demo of Blu-ray on this 1080p projector in NYC at the Qualia store - Blu-ray was STUNNING - beyong my high expectations.We are in for a treat when HD DVD & Blu-ray arrive. I thought the DVD presentation was very good - very detailed but I think the internal processing may not be as good as some of the projectors that I have seen with Faroudja DCDi with respect to motion artifacts. The 006 Qualia 70 inch rear projection TV was equally stunning.
ok...i'm venturing into an area that i know very little...about a year ago i started reading up on projectors at am not commenting on your choice of projector because i am sure it is kick-@ss, but you mention that your home will be completed by october...anyhow...that is 4 months away and i have a feeling that from what i noticed over the last year or so is that projectors are updated so frequently that some people who had ordered brand XYZ were still waiting for delivery when the XYZ signature version was being introduced (I can't remember the exact brand...sorry)...who may be looking at a whole new league of projectors that are gonna be marketed towards the 2005 christmas shoppers.

good luck...enjoy the new digs!

yeah we eihter need some lower price points on 3 chip DLP's and Lcos unit's, or we need some lower prices on 3 chipd DLP's and Lcos units...SED anyone?
those new sony qualia LCoS machined are absolutely insanely amazing, but they're HUGE! have you seen how big they are? and from what i've read, i think they're meant for larger screens, but that shouldn't be too big of a deal.

oh, and ellery - while you are right in principal, the new Sonys, which are their new versions of LCoS with much better contrast and smaller pixel gaps, are so far ahead of the pack right now that it'll be a good while before anything catches up.
I am conserned about motion artifacts with this projector. Someone mentioned this in a related thread I sponsored, but no one commented further. Can anyone describ their experiences. I prefer not to add to the expense of this projector if I can help it.
Fact is Film has motion artifacts a limitation of its 24 frames per second.

Qualia is the best projector on the market that cost less than a new BMW M3.

As I mentioned on another thread the combination of the Immersive Technology Simmetry and the Qualia makes for a picture that is peerless with an ordinary DVD. I don't sell either of these components but the facts are the facts.

It's simply the best, with no exceptions. If I had your money this isn't even a decision to make, can you afford it is the only obstacle, and you can expect to get a very long life out of this projector before an obvious upgrade becomes available since Sony is still refining the software to allow the full resolution input.
I like the image from the Qualia 004. It produces blacks that are quite good (not yet the equal of Sony's 9" CRT, but acceptable), and the color is fantastic. The projector itself is quite nice looking and compact compared to some of the 3 chip DLPs I've seen.

The big negative, to me, is the really high cost of replacing the Xenon bulb (I suppose this bulb is part of the reason the color is so good). I believe the projector now comes with an extra bulb, but still, a bulb that costs around $3,000 and lasts only a little longer than 1,000 hrs is hard to swallow. Not an every day use kind of machine.

I have been considering the Qualia 006 rear projection set that uses the same three chip LCoS light engine as the 004. It looked fantastic at shows using bluray sources. In the shop that I did a preliminary audition, it looked good with DVD sources, but I was just a bit troubled by motion artifacts (primarily jerky motion on pans). Still, it is the best RPTV I've ever auditioned.
I visited with a Sony representative today. I questioned if this unit was possed for an upgrade soon. The rep said that she heard sony was going to go to the 1080p chip set this fall. I told her what my interest was and time table and she agreed to find out specificaly when this unit would be ready for sale. She called back after attending a sales meeting and said she had been mistaken that there were no immediate plans to show-case this new unit. I guess we may find out this September at the Indiana CEDIA show. Has anyone heard differant? Of course this sony representative said there was no need to add a processing unit.

Cinematic_systems how much is the Immersive Technology Simmetry processing unit?
I think $7K or $8K, but I am not sure.

Give Immersive a call is the only thing I can tell you.

That 1080P chip has been on the horizon for awhile. I'm not sure anyone knows to be fair to the rep.
A single chip option vs the 3-chip Qualia. Is there any single chip HD front projector out their worth looking at in place of the higher cost Qualia 004?
Very well ideed. This is the first video devise that gave me the same sensation I experienced the first time I heard true high end audio. The colors were absolutlely amazing. That coupled with a (previously unseen by me) depth of image, left me dropped jaw. Purchas price, maintance cost, suitable room and ancilleries make this an appropriate purchase for well heelded enthusiats only.
I would wait.
It's a first generation.
Was going to purchase it myself until I found out that the SECOND generation is gonna be offered soon as regular XBR 60" sets for around 4K.
Even the Sony Tech guy I know things the projector is a little "buggy".
Sony's web site shows the KDS-R60XBR1 that uses their SXRD technology with amazing native resolution for a list price of $5K. It's listed as a new product, but presumably available now -- I didn't try to order it online. I too have been impressed by the picture quality of the 70" Qualia rear projection unit our local dealer displays, but its $13K price put me off.