Sony PSX-60 turntable - dead or alive?

I have just hooked up my turntable after years of inactivity, and the sound quality has deteriorated. It is a Sony PSX-60 with a Stanton 681-EEE cartridge. It plays, but the signal is now weak ( about half what it was) and just sounds lousy. Anyone know if this is a turntable, or cartidge issue? I've tried two different systems, as I thought it might be the preamp.
The PSX60 does not have an audio mute function, so the signal path from cartridge to phono output sockets is probably a direct connection -- little to go wrong. Accordingly, my best guess is the cartridge is deteriorated. For example, we know that, in the moving magnet suspension, there are rubber components that break down with age. This would fit with your observations about weak signal and lousy sound. While swapping cartridges can be a lot of work, I recommend you try putting in a known, good cartridge. Good luck.
Jameswei - you are the man. I bought a new Stanton 681EEE type 3 and the vinyl bliss is back. Thanks for helping me out.