sony ps1

just purchased a playstation 1 with rca connects.sounds pretty good,and i have the power cord covered.what is a good new or used interconnect to use with this player?looking to spend less than $100,even less is better of coarse.thank you.
For a PS1? try BlueJeans cable. You should be able to get settled for 35$ or so, depending on length.
My choice? The Belden LC1 wire.
When you find a cable you like, go ahead and cut off one end and solder the leads to the multi pin output plug. Using this output instead of the RCA's will bypass two capacitors, and also, the signal will now be phase correct. (The RCA output is phase inverted) Or, if you don't want to butcher your cable, just solder female RCA's to the multi pin and you can plug in any cable you like. This is the easiest mod to get the best out of the PS1. Without this you don't really know how good it can be.
have seen where lots of people use a ps1 on the forums,but not to much info on the interconnects they use!nothing else?
It's a SONY PS1, man. You aren't going to turn it into whatever is currently on top of the digital heap with a better (best?) cable. It'll be what it is..... I suggested a good quality cable with glaring problems which should allow the player free reign.
Other choices? For sure. Some would suggest Monoprice....others AudioCrust and still others a trip to best.

Have fun.
have marantz cdr-615 and pioneer elite d6 sacd.but some of your fellow experts have said what a great player it was?just bought it for $8 to fiddle with.sure you have done that from time to time.
Can't hardly miss for 8$......
No, I don't experiment much with gear. My system, unlike many, remains stable for years at a time.
But, in all honesty, if I spotted at PS1 for 8$, I'd be tempted. Also, in all honesty, i make periodic runs to the Goodwill / DAV stores and look for electronics. One day I'll find some tube gear. I dream of a Dynaco Stereo 70 or anything Scott.
I too look for bargains in thrift stores.bought a pair of b$w dm220 for $14,pair of dcm cx27 for $10,as well as the ps1 and the marantz for $35.barely a mark o n any and all works great!