Sony PS-X9

I'm close to making a purchase of mentioned TT.  Price is right at $13K.  Price wise, could I buy a better TT ??

Thanks in advance, 

Did anybody see the dp100m on eBay?

 Do not remember if it was the DP 100 or the DP 100M but about two years ago I saw one on sale on ebay offered by a Japanese seller for about 20-22K $; he remained unsold for many months, then he was withdrawn from the sale and about a year later reappeared for sale.
I will be bidding on the Yahoo auction. 

 There has to be a premium for one serviced and in pristine condition.  If we are suggesting the price (selling) should be $5 - 6K; what should the premium (adder) be??  Also, the total has to reflect performance and collectability ..?

The DP-100M?  Last one I saw with DK-100 went for $10K. 

How are you going to ship it?  All the proxy services I know of wash their hands of any guarantees in their fine print due to weight and size.
@Jones.  I sent an email asking what the shipping cost would be.  I'm waiting for a response.   

If I understand correctly,  seller sends to auction site and they ship to buyer.?

By the way,  I bought a Basis 2500 with vacuum locally, temporary..