Sony PS-X9

I'm close to making a purchase of mentioned TT.  Price is right at $13K.  Price wise, could I buy a better TT ??

Thanks in advance, 

Think that should say "cheaper" not cheap … lol
$600 in 1988 was still not chump change.
Granted the L-07D was considerably more dollars and rightfully so.
Ok I am done hijacking this thread with that question, thank you to those who replied and back onto the original $14000 question!
Umm... correction; $13,000.00 question.

13900 sure is a LOT closer to 14000 than 13000 would you not agree?
Unless you have negotiated down to 13000 from sellers asking price of 13900?

Just checked again and on top of that they want 850 shipping? They personally delivering it in white gloves or what??

Sorry but I do think it is rather over priced.

But your call and your money my friend.
I understand where Jose' may be coming from.  If you've searched for something that is rare and difficult to find, audio gear or other, and then you find it, you are prone to overpay in just to get the thing you've been after.  I've been there, done that.  But I think Jose' is reconsidering based on cost and on JP's report of his experience buying a PS-X9.  Rightly so.  
I’d hate to see you making a speculator’s day paying that. Maybe you’re a well off collector and that’s fine. But if you are looking for excellence per dollar, this does not seem to be the right path.
What about a new Technics in an OMA iron plinth? I heard it at the NY Audio show and Fremer raves about it. Or an Artisan Fidelity Garrard?