Sony PS-X9

I'm close to making a purchase of mentioned TT.  Price is right at $13K.  Price wise, could I buy a better TT ??

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That made me spill my Bailey's!

Do not mean to hijack this thread and can create a new one if required but...
Lots of talk of High end Japanese DD tables here so does anyone know anything about the Kenwood KP 07.
It looks like a million dollars especially with its factory smoked circular perspex cover( try making one of those today!).
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Uber, I own an L07D and am familiar with most of the lesser Kenwoods, yet I have never seen this particular model.  Very interesting.  Do you know the vintage, when it was made?  Seems to be direct drive; yes?

That piece of wood that presents in the front is reminiscent of the L07D, the plinth of which uses constrained layer damping.  The wood is an actual layer of the plinth structure which is squeezed together with upper and lower layers of non-resonant concrete-like material, by several substantial machine screws.  The motor is fastened in such that it contacts this larger structure.  I have no idea if the turntable you show here is built that way, and the tonearm does not look to be in the same league with the L07J tonearm on the L07D, but still....

Could not find out too much info from the web, seems it is a pretty rare bird indeed, Japanese market only.

Couple of threads on Audiokarma too where people are discussing buying one but never found any instance of anybody actually doing so. One instance of one guy buying one from Japan but posts ended before we learned if he ever finished restoring it .

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