Sony PS-X75 Help Needed . . .

I am just getting into vinyl and picked up a used Sony PS-X75 table. I don't have a clue how to set it. Any help out there ??? THANKS!
What do you need help with?

I could use some help with cartridge suggestions and setup (VTA, Tracking force and overhange). It has been quite some time since I fooled around with a table.

I've never used this particular table but it should work well with any high quality cartridge such as a moving coil coil or moving magnet. I would think that the Shue V15 would be a good choice. As far as tracking force goes, read what the cartridge manual recommends and go from there. VTA should be set by ear. I usually prefer the headshell end of the arm to angle down toward the pivot end slightly. The cartridge will come with an overhang gauge.