sony ps question

I really dont know where to ask this question but my 8 year old son's ps 1 wont read the disks(factory disks). It might have the mod chip. worked just fine 1 day ago. We did have tornados yesterday . Where can I go to ask repair question or does anyone know the fix . Appreciate any help
I can ask my partner at work about this as he might have some info. I won't see him until Saturday as he is out of town. In the meantime, i would recommend disconnecting it from power while leaving the unit turned on. Do this for at least a few hours. Doing so overnight or while "the munchkin" is away at school might be even better. This should fully discharge the unit and may cause it to reset itself internally. Just a thought... Sean

PS... you should reprimand your son for installing that "mod chip" : )

If Sean's suggestion doesn't work, you can run an internet search on playstation repairs. We found an outfit in PA that repaired my son's PS2 quicker (substantially) and cheaper (somewhat) than Sony.