Sony Playstation 1 for a CD player ???

I'm using a sony playstation 1 for a cd player and it is a REAL SHOCKER!! I heard about how good it was over on Is anyone else using these as cd players too?
There are a few more very interesting. This one is from a company who make a CD player based on the PS1 and this other is from a German audiophile who did a great job modifying his unit and transforming it into a hi-end unit
i just bought one on ebay to try whilst my CDP is sent off for repairs. looking forward and will report back.

in the meantime, how do i upgrade the power cord? or i am stuck using the basic kettle cord?
Yep, I hate to admit it but it's for real.

Here are my impressions of it ...

Here's a highlight from my posting:

"I think if I were a digital designer, I'd use this thing as my benchmark. I mean if I can't design a mega-bucks player to sound better than a stupid Sony Playstation 1 then why bother?"

I was re-reading what I wrote and I love that line (patting self on back)
Boy_lah check the page where it appears several mods to these units. You can add an IEC to the external box if you like. If you won't bother to do so, just try a PS Audio Punch cord which uses the same C-7 adapter at one end or buy an IEC adapter (cryonic treated btw) for $17 which you connect to the PS1 and them use your prefered power cord with the IEC part of the adapter (

Greg7 we try my PS1 at two audio friends which I talked about this unit and both expectations were very low at first. After a few seconds and some tones, they were believers...It was fun too!!!
Jahaira - thanks for your tips. The cyro C-7 adapter sounds like a good idea. will look into that.

silly ebayer didn't send the unit until today so still waiting. can't wait! 8 )