Sony playstation 1

Does anyone know how to bypass the dac and use the playstation as a transport only? Could not find any information on this.

Thanks Tom
I thought the whole point to using these was that the converter chips were good.
Good, for what a second grader ??
No second-grader would be caught dead with a Playstation 1. They sell them to audiophiles.
The whole point in using the PS1 is it's weird ability to sound good as is, per the Stereophile review and buzz around the net. Not sure why you would use it is a transport only. The transport is very cheap and prone to break.
IMO..the whole thing is junk..Prized by folks who cant afford.
Have any of you listened to a PS-1 that has been modded and tweaked?
Yep I have....Junk in /junk out!
So I guess 6-moons and stereophile can not listen to the great gear you own. Why would at least two mags who could not sell ads for a outdated game player speak so highly of it?

So I guess you can spend 5 grand on a player whose lazer is going to go bad and hope you can still get one as the industry goes to computer drives.

The assumption is the sony sounds good because of the dac. How do we know it is not the transport?
Tomwh..I never said I have great gear..I never would spend 5 grand on a player and I pay very little attention to mags....So I guess,just my opinion
i was sceptical about all the ps1 hype, but there actually is something to it--the damn thing does sound weirdly good, almost vinyl-like and free from digital glare. i didn't like using that silly controller, but that's just me. i agree that it doesn't make sense to modify it or bypass the dac--i'd use it as-is.
i have read online somewhere that there is a slight mod you can do with a soldering iron and the unit will play cd-rs. stock unit was designed to only play new cds and games. i enjoy the sound of mine but just use it sporadically. i agree with loomis, it has a weirdly good sound. i think the directions are in the audioasylum archives.
I own one I picked up for $15.00 and a $3.00 wireless remote. Is it the most resolving player? No. What it does for a very low cost is sound non digital and smooth. I use mine feeding my tubed head amp. I compared to many lower cost players and the ps1 earned a spot. And yes it is the dac that makes it worthwhile. I believe if a naysayer listened to my head rig without knowing whats driving it wouldn't laugh quite as loud.
I have one I dont use.Will let it go cheap 15.00