sony offers 3 new SACD players

If they keep going soon they will have more player models than software titles. What are they thinking?
So,.. you have problems with this?? You need to see this as three more ways to play the 457 versions of "Kind Of Blue" on..... Boy, some people just don't get the logic.....
Cool. Where did you see this info ? Any place online that has specific specs / features / info ??? According to the info that i had, they weren't due out for another month or so. Sean
WHAT??? they have Miles Davis on SACD, They should release more of his stuff on SACD. I am tired of all this current mainstream rock they have been releasing. Geez all top twenty billboard releases for months now. How about let's see some jazz or classical on this format.. :)
Once they declared that SACD or DVD-audio will replace the good old regular Redbook CD. I imediately knew that digital playback is not a lasting format. I spend most of my audiophile's life to search for music that I really love and which are not too many. I don't want to do that search again in SACD or DVD-audio again!!! I don't think I can find any if there are only 30 or so SACD available! My decision is to go back to the good old LP what will last for another 100 years.............
Quick ckeck of currently available Sony SACD players at stores on the net show Sony 333ES for $600, 5 CD carrousel
and so far cheapest of ES series.

Also now available is Sony CE775 for $350, also 5 CD carrousel but not part of high end ES line of gear. Players are now cheap enough for main stream buyers, we now need main stream rock SACD releases at close to CD prices for format to take off.
When I can buy any Tom Waits recording on SACD, I'll know it has arrived.
For sacd titles:

Happy shopping.
Sony 775 SACD player for $303 with 2 yr extended warranty at Video Direct in Fla.
Is the 775 a carousel or a single disc unit ? Sean
The 775 is a five disc multi-channel player. In adition to the sacd players there are also three new Sony dvd/sacd players, including the $300 DVP-N500V five disc carousel. Does anyone know what you need for a processor to play the multi-channel discs on?
Is all of this stuff on Sony's ( or someone else's ) website ??? Sean
This is the multichannel version which replaces the SCD-777ES. Maybe this is why there are so many SCD-777ES units up for sale. My local consumer electronics store also blew out their inventory of SCD-777ES (at lower price than many used units advertised on Audiogon).