Sony Multi-Disc SACD

I've never been much of a fan of digital audio reproduction. I think it's convenience features are great, but the sound quality was never better than good (maybe very good). As a result I never invested heavily in digital equipment or CD software. Occasionally I would sample digital components (in the $3-5k area) to see what's out there, but the improvement in sound quality just wasn't that great, particularly when compared to my vinyl playback rig (RPM/Benz Micro). Everything has now changed. It lists for $1,200 and I got one for $700 (B-stock -- Sony Outlet Store). The 333ES has changed my opinion of the digital format. As far as sound quality goes, the SACD FORMAT IS THE REAL DEAL. It substanitially improves upon the Red Book CD standard. The sound quality is directly comparable to vinyl. Yes, there are differences, but for the first time I can now listen to a digital format and not feel it would be better if it was analog. As a standard CD player the 333ES is a decent product. It doesn't do anything particularly wrong, but if this sounds like faint praise, remember it only lists for $1,200. If you're seriously into good sound, I strongly recommend you audition a SACD player. If you end up buying one, then contact Sony and every music distributer on the face of this earth that you want more software. Even if you don't buy one, send them the message that you won't buy until there's more music available. Let's create a buzz.

I currently have the player set to random play and it's switching between Miles, Thelonius and Wynton. YES!
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Wjat SACD players are avalible or slated to come out with multi-disk capibilities. Seems to be a topic here at Autiogon. I think alot of folks like the conveniance of mulit-play. I agree Onhwy61, it's up to us to make it happen in that the masses don't even know it exists!
Onhwy61, first me, then Albert, now you! OK, the jury's still out with Mr. Porter, I'm interested in his ultimate reaction. Your point is excellent on spreading the word. One of my partners, who is not into the high end but does like good sound (at my suggestion he got the Reference Recordings Copland disc and now wants their whole catalog), is thinking of upgrading his 5-disc changer, and I think I've talked him into the Sony 333ES. He really doesn't care that much about the SACD capability, just a better sounding unit he can play 5-6 hours of music on. He may try SACD at my urging, but the higher price of the software turns him off. That would seem to me to be one of the biggest obstacles to the format, most people are happy with CD, why replace something that's equally convenient and, to them, isn't the "quantum leap improvement" that CD appeared to be (we know better, but I remember the biggest selling point for CD over LP, other than convenience, was the freedom from ticks, pops and scratches and the other noise associated with vinyl) and costs more to boot. I hope to convince him otherwise with the dmp sampler and the jazz cuts from the Sony sampler. If so, one more voice calling for more and better software!
I love my S9000ES and SACD recordings, but I sometimes question my sanity when I send $30 on a 36 minute SACD recording. That's about 5 CD's from BMG. The $20-$30 software price is the biggest SACD shortcoming. Next comes variety. I'm confident that Sony will reduce SACD CD prices. Sony is a high volume retailer. I just wish they would hurry up.
I am really enjoying my new 333ES but wince every time I see the software prices! Here in Canada has just listed more titles and from other labels at nice prices although still substantially more than redbook cds. Rumour has it that Sony is slated to release a $400 5 disc SACD changer this summer I wonder if they will reduce the software prices? Possibly a less expensive cdp will tempt people to try out SACD for a nominal investment with the hopes that they will pay a premium for software...