Sony MDR-SA3000 headphones

Ive done a complete search and thus far cannot find much info in the forums regarding this particular model by Sony.

Im curious if anyone has them or the 5000's and can comment on the sound say compared to the Sennheiser 600/650. The MDR SA 3000 seems like a reference Phone and sells in the $350 range so Im thinking they may compare somewhat sonically. I know Sony has quite a following with their MDR 10's which cost about $4500. and the new Qualia 010 seems pretty hot also.Just all out of my price range for phones im afraid!

Thanks fo any info! -Ken
18c29575 c98e 4f6d 9726 c5f050f60239kehut is the place you need to go with this question.

While you're there check out tuberollers review of high end phones. I think it covers the MDR 10's, as well as the 3000's and the Sennheiser HD 650. The sound of Sennheiser and Sony phones are very different, and each have thier advocates. Sennheiser has many, many more advocates, however.
Thanks for the link. Very helpful.Keeping my 600's. but found a pair of SA 3000 new for 1/2 of retail on ebay..I'll give em a try anyway.
Just out of the box...the Sony MDR SA 3000 is an impressive phone! The sound run from my ASL MG/DT OLTMK3 is balanced and dynamic. Bass is not quite as deep as the Senn 600, but is way quicker and more accurate. seamless mid and highs that are revealing, yet not as forward as the Grado 325i's I had. Similar dynamics to the Grados, but more air and space around the instruments like the Senns have

The 3000 seems to combine much of the qualities of both 325 and 600 phones.Overall its a nice, clean, non fatiguing sound that is a good balance of design traits. Looking forward to more time as they break in.

The 11.5 ft fabric covered cord( 6N's OFCC) is lightweight and noiseless which is a real plus. The phones are even lighter and just as comfortable as the senns with their offset circumural fabric earpads.

Overall, Im very impressed with these Sony's. I may still prefer the 600's by a small margin for their smoother mids and stronger bass, yet I like the Sony's aliveness quality without brightness and more accurate bass.--Ken