Sony LCD projetion screen TV screen spot

I have had my Sony TV, 50" LCD projection screen, for about a year. I have recently noticed a small very slight reddish spot in the center right of the TV when the screen is black. It almost looks like the residual effects of when someone put a magnet to a CRT monitor. Any idea what this is, or if it is a huge problem?

I don't notice it when there is something on the screen.

Thanks for your answeres
Just a thought,Are you getting any sun or light reflections off of something in your room and hitting the projection mirror,(you would see this if the TV was off and the spot was still on the screen)Hope this helps.:-)
No, but thanks for the thought.
The part that you will need to replace will cost about $2,200 (almost as much as the TV). If it is still under warranty Sony will send a tech to replace free of charge after you spend two hours on the phone with an opperator in India. If it is not under warranty I think that you may be SOL.

Good luck.
I too have a Sony 50" lcd projection set about a year old which also has, in my case, spots. For me this is not a huge problem as the spots, about three, are very faint and can be said to be without color as they are so faint. Since their appearance they have not worsened and with the exception of the lightest one in the lower right corner neither I nor any of my family can tell they are there except under very close sqrutiny. So, bummer. In the May issue of Sound & Vision the new sony Qualia 006 lcd projection is evaluated. In the article it clearly states that many manufacturers abandonned the earlier LCD projection technology since too many of the chips were flawed. I still think the picture is killer. The comment about the sony warranty line is right on in my experience. But if the spot is prominent I would be on their heels like.....well, you get the idea. Next for us is front projection, 1080p. Let me know how it turns out with Sony.
Sony's motto:

We're not happy until you're not happy.

Good luck to all.
Huh. I am in the market for a new TV. Not sure of the type though as of yet. I had a Sony in the past that was not very reliable. I guess I will stay away from the Sony's.
I hyave been using FPTV for years now with a 100" screen. Sold the hgouse and am considering going to a 36" Direct view set.
Sounds like a "stuck pixel". I've had one stuck red since I recieved my Sony 60" Grand Wega 1.5 years ago. I was told by Sony you had to have 3+ before they'd replace the set. Have to admit we never notice that pixel except when the screen is grayed or blacked out, even though it's pretty much in the center. Doesn't sound like yours is a huge deal either. We love our set.