Sony Integrated What's Available ???????

Wanting to possibly match up some other Sony gear I am using in a second system. I want a Sony Integrated such as the TA-F808ES but possibly with more power. Did they make another Integrated such as this which is larger and has more power? If so, what is the model I may be looking for?
I have the STR DA80ES in this system now and not sure if just getting a Ta-F808ES is a step up or just a lateral move.
I believe the 808 was the best Sony made. Not sure if it is the mst powerful though. The TA-F707ES is virtually the same inside but lacks the better speaker terminal and dampening material. Check this link out for info
I have owned two 707s and think they are super amps for the $used. I modified both of them with better internal wiring and binding posts. Although it is now in my closet, you can see my mods by clicking on my system.
The TA-F808ES was definitely Sony's best. It's biased to Class A as well as being high current. No question, it would be an upgrade from your receiver. I don't believe Sony ever made an integrated with more than 100wpc.

BTW, there is one for sale on Audiogon right now. In the interest of full disclosure, the seller is a friend of mine.
TA-F808ES is a stunning amp, you wont regret owning one!

Unless you have to lift it :P