Sony HAP-Z1ES vs. Cocktail Audio X50

Looking at either the Sony HAP-Z1ES or the Cocktail Audio X50.  Using the Anthem STR Pre-Amp so do not necessarily need a built-in DAC.  My amplifier is the Anthem STR amplifier and I have a pair of Paradigm Persona 9h speakers.

Would be interested in feedback from anyone that has experience with the Sony and/or Cocktail Audio devices.   Thanks!
I have 2 of the Sony HAPZ1ES players, one in each system.  In one system, it replaced an Aurender 100H with a Wyred4sound dac.  I love the Sony, its easy to use, cues up the tracks like lightning, and sounds wonderful.  There is one being sold here for 1K.  At that price, its a steal.
Go with the Sony :-)