Sony HAP Z1ES or tablet with DAC

I have finally decided to move all my CDs into a HDD files and after paying a few hundred bucks to a friend's high school kid for converting my library of 1300 CDs with my specific instructions to use EAC and FLAC - I am looking to get a "perfect" server.

To me "perfect" for this particular need would be something like Sony HAP Z1ES - since it has great reviews (so sound quality is no.1 ) but also it has balanced outputs for my pre-amp and a small screen that would allow me to browse all my collection with relative ease.

For me those functions are very important - as I have instructed the kid to automatically download all CD metadata, including the cover art....
However, I am also thinking that I could connect my HDD to a 7inch tablet which would then connect to a good DAC - however, I am not sure this is possible as all tablets come with either HDMI or single USB so once I connect external HDD...there is no way to send digital signal to the anyone aware of tablet with 2 USB ports ?
Any other solutions ?

Any other servers that would rival Sony and have larger (minimum 4inch ) display ?

Thank you!
Bryston BDP2
The Sony HapZ1ES is best useds with a tablet as the remote control.  You can use Android or Apple based.  The tablet will show you all the music with the artwork in an easy to use format.  I went from an Aurender N100H and a Wyred4Sound Dac2 DSD to the Sony and kept the Sony.  I now have 2 of them, one in each system.  Yes, it's that good.
I can say the Sony Hapz1es is great . I previously used a MacMini optimized for 2 channel playback used with dacs up to $3000 with Audirvana . The Sony is so much better . Have heard good things about the Aurrender too. Now the Sony can be used with standalone dacs as well ,Bonus !!  Will be trying this out soon with a Exogal comet da/pre. Having a second Hap would be nice !!

looks like a great unit. my concern would be that the storage drive isnt expanable beyond 2tb and its not clear how the disk can be regularly backed up. Id also prefer a solid state though I know it costs more. 
With the HAP-Z1ES, additional memory can be added via USB.  For example, a multi-TB drive to expand the stock 1 TB hard drive.  The Sony retrieves music files automatically from a computer, which in my case is located away from the music room.  I've loaded my CDs to the computer, and the Sony has relocated them to its hard drive.  They are backed up, in other words, on my computer at all times because the music files had to be saved first to my computer before the Sony will retrieve those files.  Hope that makes sense.  It works well and sounds quite good, although I'm pondering the ModWright or perhaps a better DAC, which can also now (thanks to Sony firmware update) be used via USB.
Sony sounds like a great choice... question to the users; to use the tablet as a remote....are you connecting via Bluetooth or wi-fi?

The Sony app works via WiFi on tablet devices.  I use both iPad and iPhone as a remote. The Sony can also be powered on/off with the app.  Music selection is convenient via the app and quite easy to use. I especially like the search function on the app, which allows for easy location of album, artist, or song.
turn on and off via app? that's cool.
my main system is in the dedicated basement section but looking to somehow "merge" my digital server with my living room system (Marantz AVR).
If I was to place the SONY in the basement (connected to pre-amp via XLR) and then run CAT6 cable from SONY to the Marantz receiver - would I be able to access all the files from Sony unit ?
I know my Marantz has wireless and wired I assume the communication protocol would be compatible between Sony and Marantz ?
CAT6 cable's not going to help.  Sony HAP-Z1ES has no digital outputs other than USB. But there are both RCA and XLR outputs . . .
WHAT ???

I was thinking the hdd in the SONY could be readable by other network enabled equipment.... Are you telling me that Sony doesn't work like a real media server?
I was hoping that besides reading data files and outputting to the pre-amp, the Sony unit can also share the files via standard networking protocols, just like a computer.

I would really want to be able to have a single server that can serve the music to both; my main system via XLR to the pre-amp and to any other networked device in my to my Marantz AVR or anything else I may decide  to connect to my fetch and play back the files.
So I did more research and realized that the Sony unit in fact can't stream.... While I am not crossing it out from my list, I wonder if there is a unit that would do everything like the Sony and be able to stream music 
Aurender if you want storage, Bryston BDP2 if you don’t mind using an external storage device.
Auralic aries mini or Auralic Altair
I need analog outputs - prefer Balanced XLR connection.

Just to repeat my "ideal" features:
- the unit has internal DAC of high quality with analog balanced outputs
- the unit has large screen (4inch)
- the unit has networking capabilities and can stream the files to other devices...besides just serving music "locally " to my main system

thanks and Happy New Year !
how about  Teac NT-503-B?
I read all the specs  and still can't figure out if it can both serve and stream music ?
It doesn't have a large display but with a good tablet app I am willing to give that feature up, since I would be able to control and view my collection.
So I decided to go the PC server route - in order to keep single source for all my files....
Plan is to get an old PC/laptop, connect it in the basement to my storage drive with all the FLAC coded music and run it to a switch.
From that point I can connect my Marantz AVR for Living Room and SONY or Bryston BP-2  for my main listening system.
This will also give me a flexibility to later add an additional system for my patio with outdoor speakers....

I really was hoping to just get the SONY or Bryston but clearly neither one would work for house-wide music distribution.