Sony HAP-Z1ES - Is there an upgraded model coming from Sony?

From what I can tell the Sony HAP-Z1ES has been around for a while.  Looking at purchasing the device for my 2-channel set up (Paradigm Persona 9h speakers, Anthem STR Pre-Amp, Anthem STR Amplifier).  From my research it appears this model has been in the market for many years.  Was wondering if anyone has heard of plans for Sony to launch a newer model?  Thanks!
After the success of the HAP1S I'm sure the HAP 2s is right around the Oppo did just that with the 105/205 :-)

Sony seems not to divulge its plans for future development of products. The HAP-Z1ES has been around for a while, but it has also gone through a few firmware updates. When last I inquired, Sony tech support said that more updating via firmware was on the way, but no release date provided. Adding Tidal capability to the current Spotify stream feature would be a welcome change.
Currently there is no direct way to stream SACD(DSD) files to this player? So with my hybrid discs it will stream the redbook layer to the player then the player up samples them to dsd? 

Thanks Chuck