Sony Hap 1ZES play with SR Purple Fuses

I have used SR Purple fuses on all of my audio components with excellent sonic results.  Most every fuse has been installed in the mains/AC line.  However, the Sony player only has two (2) internal fuses inside the player. Doesn't seem to be in the power line.  I was wondering if anyone knew, if replacing both the internal fuses in the Sony, would produce the same sonic improvements as the other components? 


@dhart86 No problem.  I usually post when I have actual experience relevant to the question being asked.  I find that tends to be more helpful to people than random non experientially based opinions. 😀

Let me know what you think.  The difference using an SR Black vs stock wasn't anything profound, and I did not find orange to be an improvement over black.  If you find you get more than expected, let me know and I may upgrade to purple. 

@brownsfan Yeah I don't know why people with no actual experience, relevant to a question being asked, like to ridicule an op seeking information.  If you ask me, people with opinions without any real-world experience are the ones who are riducule-lus!!!

Anyway, I just ordered the purple...I'll let you know what I find

I also have the purple fuse on my integrated amp.  But I also try the ACME Silver Ag/ cryo, and for the price it is a "wow" effect.  You should try on your components.