Sony Hap 1ZES play with SR Purple Fuses

I have used SR Purple fuses on all of my audio components with excellent sonic results.  Most every fuse has been installed in the mains/AC line.  However, the Sony player only has two (2) internal fuses inside the player. Doesn't seem to be in the power line.  I was wondering if anyone knew, if replacing both the internal fuses in the Sony, would produce the same sonic improvements as the other components? 

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I have a Modwright Sony HAPz-1ES and am using SR Black fuses.  I found that replacing the fuse closest to the front of the unit produced an audible benefit and that replacing the fuse closer to the back of the unit produced no additional audible benefit. 

@dhart86 No problem.  I usually post when I have actual experience relevant to the question being asked.  I find that tends to be more helpful to people than random non experientially based opinions. 😀

Let me know what you think.  The difference using an SR Black vs stock wasn't anything profound, and I did not find orange to be an improvement over black.  If you find you get more than expected, let me know and I may upgrade to purple. 

@brownsfan Yeah I don't know why people with no actual experience, relevant to a question being asked, like to ridicule an op seeking information.  If you ask me, people with opinions without any real-world experience are the ones who are riducule-lus!!!

Anyway, I just ordered the purple...I'll let you know what I find