Sony ES Tuners

Any experience with the Sony ES tuners particulary the 730 ES produced in the mid- 90's. Thanks
Just a comment, FWIT: unless you have a specific reason to get the Sony tuner (cosmetics, matches your system, etc.), there are a number of better tuners for the same or less money. Start with Sansui, Onkyo, etc., and look at the analog tuners last produced in the late 1980's. They are generally far superior to tuners produced after that period. One of the best inexpensive digital tuners was the NEC T6 series. Any of these tuners starting with the "E" model and later are excellent. You should take a look at the past threads on this topic for more ideas.
An additional comment, in support of another option to the Sony ES tuner. The Fanfare FT-1a is a super tuner, at a somewhat reasonable list price of $1595. Includes a remote, balanced and RCA outputs, and the option of Kimber internal silver wiring. It is an analog tuner, providing CD quality sound, and it is a pleasure to live with if you have good quality FM in your area. See "" for owner comments and "" for website.