Sony ES DVD Players as a transport

I'm contemplating the addition of an external DAC to my stereo rig. I have an older Sony DVP-NS999ES DVD/CD/SACD player in the living room which hasn't been used much in the past couple years. It is a solidly built unit and am thinking of using the Sony as a dedicated transport in the near future.

Any A'Gon members have experience using the upper level ES DVD models as transports? Any input or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
I can only relate my experiences: I currently own a Sony DVP SA-9000ES and an older DVP-S7000ES, both feeding my Benchmark DAC1 HDR and I can hardly tell the differences among them as either transports or their own analog outputs. I do know this: The older 7000ES can also play CD-R and has NEVER skipped on any disc I fed it, including lousy first generation PC CD burned CDR from me or friends, NEVER. I cannot say the same about the newer 9000ES, it chooses to skip any disc (SACD, CD, CD-RW) whenever it wants for no apparent reason whatsoever!
Looks like I will give my 999ES transport-only duty, thanks for the reply Tuong. Hopefully jitter won't be an issue.