Sony ES deck eating tapes question..

Hello everyone,i have a Sony TCK-677ES 3Head 3Motor dual capstan cassette deck and it has developed a strange problem and what makes it strange is it only does this with TDK tapes.OK when ever you hit the play button the decks crinkles the tape right where the leader of the tape and the tape itself meets,when a Maxell is used it's fine it only does this with TDK.I don't understand why the deck singles out TDK to do this and only TDK?Does anyone know what can be causeing this and why it only happens with TDK?Thanks for any help anyone can give me..Peace Keith H.
Have you tried simply cleaning the pinch-rollers with Q-tips and Rubber Renew? Perhaps something on the rollers is sticking to the TDK formulation, like more TDK formulation.
I keep all my decks extremely clean,that's what makes it so strange that it only happens with TDK and not Maxell tapes..Keith H.
Come to think of it, I had a car deck that ate only TDK tapes. My advice is stick to Maxell...:)
Why is/was TDK always considerd to be the best blank cassette tape..I know that they have a little better high end response than Maxell but does that mean TDK is a better tape?I'm talking about TDK SA-X and Maxell XLII-S tapes..
Perhaps a bigger advertising budget? I know that after 10 years all the TDK tapes I made are essentially blanks, while the Maxells continue to sound good. And there is that vexing tape-eating question. I remember now it was then that I simply switched over to Maxell XL IIS.
I was looking up some of the old blank cassette tape tests from the late 70's through early 90's and TDK always won in the type II and type IV(metal) category's,but i guess even if TDK does sound slightly better it means nothing if the tape is not going to last..Plus i think TDK got most of it's reputation in thank's to Nakamichi,i guess most folks thought if TDK is good enough to be recommended by Nak it must be the best,even though the Tandberg 3014 will blow away anything from Nakamichi,and guess what brand Tandberg recommends and adjusts it's decks too?you guessed it MAXELL..
You may have a problem with deformed cassette shells that may cause the tape to track incorrectly. I have encountered such with Maxell XL-2 of late. Brand new you could see the cassette halve is bowed. I have encountered similar with TDk from time to time though very rare. Try an experiment just for fun, and swap the Tdk tape reels into a Maxell shell and see what happens or vice versa. Almost certain a bad shell is causing this healthy appetite the sony has for TDks'. Hope this helps,sincerely,Vincent.