sony dvp7700?

why so many for sale?
Because Sony's huge and has so many in distribution. Because the model is a couple years old and in the meantime everyone has come out with progressive scan output players that couple well with the TV's that now accept a progressive scan input. And, because Sony has released their new flagship DVD player. The 7700 is excellent if you don't have a use for the progressive scan outputs, and is superb as a CD transport to boot.
Kthomas: Thanks for the input. As I been receiving bi-annual and occasional sales flyers from a mail order outfit named "Crutchfield" for sometime now, I have been seeing the Sony DVP-S7700 DVD Player being listed for $799.00 (which is about $300.00 off of the original $1,100.00). Also, my local high-end dealer (who carries stuff like Audio Research for tube gear, Mark Levinson/Proceed for solid-state gear and Adcom for affordable/high performance gear (great line-up if I don't say so myself) also carries Pioneer Elite and Sony ES gear for high end audio and home theater) also carries the Sony DVP-S7700 DVD Player as well as the Pioneer Elite DV-09. At my local and favorite high-end dealer, they also have been listing the Sony DVP-S7700 for $799.00. I have asked him about the possibility of Sony releasing a new flagship DVD Player and he seems not to have any knowledge of the fact. But now, it is confirmed by me only (and not him) that Sony has released a new flagship DVD Player (the Sony DVP-S9000ES.... I seen one being advertised in the latest issue of "The Perfect Vision"..... if it's not in stores (both the player and the issue of "The Perfect Vision") yet, look for it to be there soon). I am going to go to my high-end dealer tomorrow and confirm this, and possibly see if they have a DVD-S9000ES on the floor. If that's the case, then being that I am also in the market for a DVD Player next year, I am also going be looking into that option. My TV (a Panasonic CT-27SF37 Direct-View 27-Inch Set) does not have progressive scan capability, so I'm not going to need that capability in a player, and for that, my landing a DVP-S7700 may in fact be a strong possibility. And being that Sony has already released a DVD Player with progressive scan capability (again, the DVD-S9000ES), I look for Pioneer to follow suit in the following months into the new year with their Elite players. In whichever case, next year could be a great time for me to buy a DVD Player (either a Sony DVP-S7700 or a Pioneer DV-09 at below retail). Whichever one I end up with, I'll be happy regardless. Both of these players also have CD Transports. So now, if you want a Sony DVP-S7700, I would go ahead and go for it. If not you, definitely Fonsy66.
Amazon is selling the dvp-7700 for 600 right now. I understand that sony's new flagship retails for 1500 and will have sacd as well.
My dealer wanted 1800 for it, and he says they've already sold quite a few. These may be hard to get ahold of at first. Dunno, though. I saw Sony's glossy brochure for it, and it does seem nice.