Sony DVP-S9000ES sacd remote function

I acquired one of these old DVD/SACD players as a hand-me-down but there's no remote. More specifically, there doesn't seem to be a way to get this to play SACDs (yes, I have quite a few of them) without a compatible remote with an SACD/CD button on it. Since all universal remotes sold these days don't have that button, and the original OEM remote is all but extinct, does anyone have a clue how to get this player to play SACDs?? I even tried buying a remote for a Sony carousel SACD player with that button but that code didn't work. I welcome any advice/leads to solve this problem.

The Logitech site says it's compatible, but I'm wondering if the SACD button would appear in the LCD window. SACD is such a niche format that I'm worried when they say "compatible" what they mean is that it will power up, play, skip track, etc. but won't access the SACD function. Guess the only way to find out is to buy one and return it if it doesn't work. Thanks for the tip!
I’ve had several of these players. When considering a purchase of a Sony DVP9000ES you need to use a hybrid CD. If the player doesn’t recognize the SACD layer, don’t buy it. I can’t explain the science of it but it should automatically identify that it has been fed an SACD. As this model ages, it fails to make that recognition. It will still play CDs (and very well, I think), it just won’t play SACDs.
I had a DVP9000ES for many years. My ex took it :)  Anyway, if I recall, it played SACD upon inserting the disk. So I agree with tonykay that it should automatically identify that its been fed SACD media. Irrespective of the remote, the unit itself has a play button on it. What happens after you insert an SACD and press play?
So I plugged in the ES to test it with my one non-hybrid SACD and now it won’t power up! :(((  But I think this convo has convinced me that this player is not going to be worth the hassle in the long run and I’ll be better off with Sony’s Class B UHP-H1 universal player for $350.
Thanks! for sharing- guys.
in the used marketplace there is a plethora of 9000ES spinners.
I, too, enjoy SACD and have pondered how this older ES player hold up in 2017? Happy Listening!