Sony DVP-S9000es question

I was surprised at how good a cheap (used) Sony S9000ES was as a transport.  It seems to beat the Oppo 103 I'd previously been using when running into various DACs.  Seems marginally smoother, a little more open, and just more solid sounding.  Subtle differences but the player only cost a bit over a hundred bucks.  And it seems synergistic with an old EAD 7000mkiii.  I have a Denafrips ARES on the way in and will see how the two blend.

But I have one question.  I didn't get an original remote control with it and apparently they are hard to find.  So without a CD/SACD switch I can't force the player to default to SACD for hybrid discs.

Does anyone know how I can force the player to always play the SACD layer?  Or barring that, how do I get an original or 100% compatible remote.

Or does someone have one who is willing to program a universal remote to clone it if I pay for this and the shipping as well?

Thanks to all.
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This player, the S9000ES, was the first SACD player offered by Sony (I purchased upon its debut). Long story short: Physically it is a magnificent machine (The chassis is either solid copper or copper plated) but its software is flawed as you’ve discovered. It plays dedicated SACD discs fine but gets "confused" with hybrid discs.
It should make an awesome redbook transport. I think I sold mine for $150. I believe I paid $1500 new.
I have had several Sony DVP-9000 ES players. As the laser ages, it fails to automatically recognize the SACD layer on hybrid discs. Even the remote can’t force this unit to play SACDs. Once it fails to play SACDs, you really need to have it repaired, having the laser replaced, or accept that you still have a good redbook CD player until the laser quits completely. If you find a properly functioning 9000 ES, they are a real bargain at $100-150.
If I remember correctly, if you play an SACD-only disc first, the player will be "primed" to play the SACD layer of a subsequent hybrid disc.
I sent my player to Sony repair center in Texas and they couldn't fix.
They did manage to "lose" the SACD hybrid disc I included in the box. Age of laser doesn't matter -was screwed up from the get-go.
Moral: Don't be an early adopter...