Sony DVP S9000 ES vs. Sony DVP NS900V

Does anyone have experience with the new NS900V in comparison to the 9000ES? The NS900V does more things, but does it do them as well as the 9000ES?

I am currently interested in two-channel playback of SACD, but would also like a good transport for all disc formats. I have an outboard Theta processor for non-SACD material. I do not have any video associated with this system.

The rest of my system includes Martin-Logan, Pass, Linn, etc.

Thank you for your comments.
I am doing exactly what you are doing, using the 9000es for 2 channel SACD and as a transport for everything else. I enjoy the unit a lot and am not sure if I will upgrade it any time soon. Though I am unable to compare it to the NS900V, seeing as I have never used that unit in my system before, FWIW.
Gstang, I too have been wondering about the same thing. I am mainly interested in gaining CD/R, CD/RW and 5 channel SACD capability, but I don't want to sacrifice quality in any area, as my 9000ES is excellent. Maybe the lack of the "ES" designation is a hint?
It is good to hear that others are using the 9000ES as a SACD player and as a transport. Thanks for the response. Maybe someone will read this who can comment on the NS900V.

I also agree that the lack of ES designation may be a key. The NS900V also has what will be useless frills for most of us, like the built-in AC3 and DTS decoders. That's just fluff that did not get spent on improving circuit quality, etc.

Another question is whether SACD multi-channel discs will play SACD two channel, or does it play CD "quality" two channel audio?
I'm 99.9% sure that multi-channel SACD players also play 2 channel. Wish Sony would let people know if they're planning a replacement for the 9000ES that brings it up to date with no Genesis chip chroma problems, 5 channel SACD,CD-R, CD-RW and dare I say it... MP3 capability, or heaven forbid DVD-A as well! By the way, 5 channel SACD is something of a revelation when done properly. I have never heard a more realistic recreation of an interior space, such as with Chesky's Bucky Pizzarelli 5 channel SACD.
BMPNYC: Can you articulate the problem with the S9000ES that you refer to. I also am looking for a two channel SACD player with a Bel Canto 1.1 for Redbook CDs.
I own a 900V (european model) and have listened to a 9000es.
As a transport, I feel the 900 is the better player. It has 96/24 through it's digital output and can also read CDR. It is a newer generation transport.

As a 2 channel player it is about equal to a good $400 CD player. No worse than that. Considering I paid $590 for the unit, I'm satisfied with redbook playback. It uses 192/24 DACs and has a separate toroidal transformer for the analog audio board (there's a switching supply for the transport and chips). Video can be completely turned off.
I think the 9000es might be a bit better for pure 2 channel audio, but not as a transport.

The DD/DTS decoders are basically 'free', since it is integrated in one of the big chips inside. Analog 6 channel output was already needed for multichannel SACD. The multichannel SACD also has some bass-management and can work with a phantom-centre speaker. It also offers level matching and delay.

All multichannel SACD releases should also have a 2 channel SACD mix on the disc. This is mandatory. Whether this will hold up in the future is less certain of course. It is not possible for an SACD player to downmix mc SACD to stereo.
laurensw: Thank you for your comments. Your observations on the 900v as a better transport than the 9000ES is exactly what I am looking for, although a little surprising. I would expect the 9000ES to be better due to overall build quality.

Since my outboard processor cannot do SACD, how do they compare on SACD material? Does the 900v have newer converters that improve sound? Again, I would expect the 9000ES to have a better analog section, but that may not be the case.
Tbadder, all DVD players that use a Genesis chipset display a blurring on certain material that is described as the red chroma problem. Some are better than others. If you have a high resolution TV or projector, you can see this occasionally, but many people have never noticed it. Try going to the "Secrets of Home Theater" website for mucho details, you can begin here:
Laurens, that is the best feedback yet regarding the 900V, thanks. Being big on quality two channel playback using internal DAC's the 9000ES gives sound that compares to CD players above $2000, so although the 900v has many features I relly want, I hope to find out that Sony plans to update the 9000ES, but who knows?
Glad to be of help.
Just a small addition: I feel the sound of the 9000ES is comparable to a good $600 CD player. Maybe also comparable to a very bad $2000 player, but that's not the point.
A good $400 player would be an AH Tjoeb 99 for example, a good $2000 player would be the new Sony X777ES mc SACD player. The 9000ES is definitely worse than the X777ES for redbook audio.
Thanks very much BMPNYC!
My pleasure, Tb.
I own a 900V and think it a great unit for DVD and the multi-channel SACD is awesome. It also plays 2 channel SACD and cd's. I've never really been impressed with the redbook performance on any of the Sony models. Don't get me wrong, there pretty good, but I'll keep my Classe CDP 1 for redbook play.