Sony DVP-S7700 - To fix or to replace???

I have a Sony S7700 that does not play DVDs anymore. It still reads CDs without a problem. I listen to music more than watch movies.

Would you pay $250 to fix the machine so it can play DVDs given the age of the machine? Or, would you reinvest in a new player? If better to invest in an new player, do you recommend multi format player or a stand alone CD player and a cheaper DVD player?

Do the current multi format players have as good CD playback as the Sony S7700?

Are the any specific models that you would recommend.

Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions.
You can buy another 7700 for 175.00 (I just found one on ebay) so I wouldn't pay 250.00 to fix this one. If you didn't need it for DVD's I might invest in a dedicated player.
s7700 is still a better cd sounding player unless you buy a expensive hi-end dvd player. But it is not worth to spend $250 to fix it either, it is better off to buy another s7700 with $250.