Sony DVP-S7700 - DVD Audio Compatible?

Can this Sony model, which was its top of the line until recently, play DVD-Audio discs? I just got a DVD Audio disk that I can return if unopened, so I wanted to see first if anybody's been successful with this Sony model.

If it won't play DVD Audio discs, why? What's the difference in the way that the lasers read the content?
It does not play DVD-audio discs. DVD-Audio is a competing high resolution format to Sony's Super Audio (SACD) and therefore thats why at this time you can't get a Sony DVD-Audio cd player.

Return it or buy a cheap dvd-audio player. I'd return it...
Thanks. You just saved me about $30, I returned the DVD-audio disc. These format wars are getting very tiresome, I wish a standard would emerge. I'm certainly not buying an SACD or DVD-audio player until it's evident which format will prevail.