Sony DVP S3000 skips

I have a Sony 3000 that I bought new years ago when it first came out. I have been having problems for about a year now that it will occasionaly skip. sometimes just a bit and other times it might skip a whole chapter. The discs do not skip on my kids $85 machine. So I don't believe it is the disc. I am not sure if maybe it is a first generation machine that it is having difficulty reading the newer discs. Has anyone ever used these disc cleaners that you insert in the player? Are they safe? Or should I take the top off and clean it manually? Anyone with a 3000 have the same problems? Thanks
I do not have the same player, but have had skipping problems. If you feel up to it, remove the housing covering the transport. You can gently wipe the laser lens with a soft dry cotton swab. This will remove any dust that might be resting on the lens. Next look at the rails that the reader rides on. Clean all the grease off of them with a cotton swab and alcohol. You will have to manually slide the reader to clean the entire rail. Take a swab and lightly apply white lithium grease to the rails. Lightly means that you apply it and wipe all excess off so that it looks shiney. This is what my "manufacturer" told me to try and it worked. You may wish to contact Sony first, as they may have other instructions. Vibration is not an issue is it?
I have the same player and it skips also, It's a piece of CRAP! Every sony product that I have boughten in the past 8 years has given me problems so no more sony.
If you want a good player check out the Phillips 963 as it has the Faroudja processing or if you want the 985 it records, this is what I will buy Happy Listening!
I hate to say it but I agree with you. Just 3 days ago my Sony RPTV took a crap. It's 6 years old and I can't find a Sony tech to look at it.
Scottht, Yea my big screen went out about a month ago and was 7 years old, I too looked for repair shop and findly found one but $850 to fix! I told the guy this was BS and bought a Toshiba 57 inch HD and am very happy! I think these manufactures design ther products on the 5 to 7 year plan, after 5 to seven years it's time to buy another! Happy tv hunting!
Check out the toshiba cinema series 57 incher it's a great tv! I picked mine up for $2250 out the door with a 5 yaer WARRANTEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!