Sony DVP-NS9100ES "cannot read" DVD error?

Really like this player that I use almost entirely for listening to music, which it still plays just fine, but just recently stopped reading any DVD and gives an error of "CANNOT READ" on the unit. I already tried unplugging, and resetting. Curious if there is another simple fix, or if anybody is aware of a really good service center. It is just too good of a player to not investigate further before replacing it. Thank you. 
Consult Sony to determine if the Laser/Drive assembly is still avail?
If so, go ahead and buy a least (1) as a spare. Eventually, this functioning part will quit working. This player may have (2) different lasers, 1 for cd/sacd and the other for DVD, playback. I love Sony ES spinners.
Keep me posted.
Been using a 9100 ES since 2004. Replaced the lasers once in 2012. Try using compressed air gently sprayed into the drive. You may also want to use a CD/DVD CLEANING DISC. I USE ONE FROM  MEMOREX. If that doesn't work try removing the top and do a thorough cleaning of the drive and optical mechanisms. Tighten any moving parts and lubricate the drive gear. Good luck!
Looking for Laser/Drive assembly, I found an electronics store in Germany and one in Singapore that list them on their websites, waiting to hear back if they are actually Sony OEM. The part is no longer made, so they might be old stock. If anybody has a good source for Sony parts please let me know.

contact- -this is a parts supplier for Sony OEM.
Phone: 800.432.8542
Keep me posted on your journey.  Happy Listening!