Sony DVP EX777ES multidisc player sound quality

This is simply an YFI review of my experience using the EX777 400 disc player with my various other system components, in case some of you have considered trying something like this. I originally installed the Sony 200 disc player, then the 300, primarily as a means of storage for convenient access and to minimize space for same. When I upgraded to the EX777 to use, basically for the same purpose, though, I discovered that its sound quality was considerably better than I thought it would be and now have begun listening to it on a somewhat regular basis. Is it as good as my single CD transport and DAC?  No, but it's fine for casual listening. The setup is: Sony - Theta DSPRO (DAC) - Peachtree Nova (pre) - Serie Reference 3A speakers. I added the Escient SE-D1 manager between the Sony and the DAC for Internet access to detail information on individual discs. Anyway, although setting up the Internet connection was a little challenging for me, it's fun and convenient to use.