Sony DVP-9000es vs. XA-7ES thoughts.

It seems as if the Sony DVP-S9000ES has become very popular and has sparked some debate on this site vs. the 777 and model 1 SACD units. It is unlikely for the 9000 to be in
the league of the other two..but the cost savings and ability to play DVD is an attractive package. I think most people are trying to make sure they are getting a machine that will do a good job on redbook..since that is where most of us have the most software. That said, has anyone compared redbook playback to the Xa-7ES rather than the big dog SACD units? Also, any feedback from end users of the 9000 model with Mods from Dan Wright or other people?
Go with the mods from Stan Warren first. His modifications are less expensive, yet they are the most sonicaly sophisticated. He is the only mod guy that I know of that utilizes a unique proprietary output stage, that is world class by anyone's standards.
So go with mod of Stan Warren of....9000es as I did. For mere $250 you may have spectacular improvments of already good player both in CD and SACD modes. Simon
One of my friends has the 9000. I think for CD's, my XA7ES sounds better. I liked the levinson 36 DAC that he had before better too. I would be interested to hear what the stan warren (or dan wright) mods can do to these 9000's.