Sony dvp-9000es replacing s7700 ?

I recently read in one of the links that Sony had a new DVD player comming out, the dvp-9000es. Is there any truth to this, and if so, will it replace the dvp-s7700, and when is it expected to be released ? Ken
From what I understand, the 9000 will be a combo DVD/SACD player (which of course will also handle cd's). Sony is planing on dropping the price on the CDP777ES and leaving the SACD-1 alone. I'm not sure about the fate of the 7700. Of course the main thing to be excited about (imho) is a DVD player with Sony's five year ES warranty. Again, I'm only 80% sure on this information
Check out and if you search through for the CEDIA articles you will find a picture and info on the DVP-9000ES. It has 3/2 pulldown progressive scan, and SACD capability.