Sony DVDAudio and SACD

I have a Sony DVP-NC875V DVD player with SACD playback. The other night I popped in a DVD Audio disc of Yes Fragile in and it played back in surround. Will all DVD Audio / DVD-A dics play back like this in this player? Same results with any DVD or BluRay player?
Sorry. You are hearing the DolbyDigital surround track and not the DVD-A track.

Thanks. I appreciate your response.

Can you recommend a mid price DVD-A player?
What's mid price?
Get whichever Oppo meets your price. Be prepared to hook the player to a monitor in order to play DVD-A, as every disc brand has a different path for the menu to be able to choose surround or stereo (or DVD Dolby). Sony never supported DVD-A(MLP) in their players, because they created SACD. However, HDAD discs (24/96 LPCM) will play in any DVD player.