Sony DVD9000es player not decoding hybrid SACD

Does anyone know if this model is unable to decode hybrid sacds. It works fine on the non hybrid sacds.
Mine does fine on hybrid and non-hybrid sacd discs. Sounds like a service issue if it doesn't decode any hybrid discs.
This is a common problem with Sony 9000es. Call Sony. They will give you the name of a local repair representative. I had the same problem. They fixed it by replacing the laser mechanism and it works fine now.
There was a post on this yesterday, some of these players seem to have problems with these disc's for some reason.

Try opening and closing the cd tray a few times. I have one hybrid that seem fussy on my 9000. It will read the disc after the second or third time.

BTW, If you want to hear your 9000 in a new light, get a half dozen cardas myrtle cuboids in alternating pattern with a couple of walker resonance control discs sitting on top. Align them all in a rear to front pattern. and situate them at the center rear edge of the unit. Experiment with moving the whole collection of resonance control objects back or forth incrementally and notice how the quality of sound changes. Don't be afraid to move over the rear edge so that a part of the cuboid is hanging over. Soundstage opens up, strings become full yet transparent, bass and midrange are solid and palpable. Dial it in like you would your VTA. If you like the results, try the same procedure on all your components including power supplies. I kid you not, and anyone scoffing is invited to hear the changes on my Wisdom D-75s/ BAT VK-50SE/ Rowland 112/ Sunfire(bass amp)/Oracle mk5-Kuzma ref-Ruby2 plus audio tekne, Omega mikro, Jena, Cardas and quantum power conditioning products system.Walker resonance control mixed with Cardas Cuboids on all pieces and Dedicated 20 amp outlets too!
Had the same problem. There is an alignment procedure in the service manual, which may work. Also try carefully cleaning the lens. No problems since doing this about 2 years ago.
How can you clean the laser Rp?
To clean the lens you have to open up the case & unscrew an access plate then carefully use a q-tip on the lens. I've read that there is a commercial lens cleaner in the form of a cd type disk that will clean the lens. Check threads on this forum or audio asylum on dan wright for more info. I don't rememmber the exact steps since its been a couple of years ago.
Ok I tried this I am not sure why It works, I am not like
Sean who can almost explain every little thing in audio,
this guy is good, I have two hybrid sacd that my sony 9000
es wont play in sacd mode only redbook,What I did is I
played the single layer sony,after that I tried the 2
sacd hybrid that wont read, suddenly they both played
in sacd. My only little humble dumd explanation is that
maybe the sacd mode was woke up and activated. Try it and
email me if it works.
Anyone still using this spinner?
Yes, with great success in an office system. I've owned this unit since it first came out and use it primarily as a transport with a EE Mini Max DAC. Every once in a while I disconnect the DAC and listen to the Sony as Redbook and SACD player to gage how it sounds against the modern gear that passes through here. Best, Rob