Sony DVD-S7700 against other transports

similar price range, about 800USD, is there anything that will beat the sony as a dedicated transport, or wont i be able to tell the difference?
Hey dude, I just bought one and it rocks!!! I wouldn't exchange for anything in the world. The picture is sharp, the sound is it.
It's the very best out there as a transport, easily beating transports 5 times it's asking price. It's a no-brainer.Buy it. Built like a tank, the best DVD picture in the business is a bonus, even if you only watch 1 movie a year....As a stand-alone cd, it compares favorably to twice the price cd players out there, beating so more expensive ones. Smart remote, smooth operation, buy it. It's a no-brainer.
I've read very good things about this DVD used as a CD transport, but also some concerns. Maybe someone can comment -- The player downconverts the digital output from 24/96 to 24/48khz. Does this compromise the sound when used as a transport with a 24/96 capable DAC (e.g., Bel Canto DAC1)? I've also read that the polarity of the balanced outputs is "reversed". This may? reduce bass response on some recordings.
I owned the Sony DVD-S7700, and sold it for the Pioneer DV-05. It may not feel as substantial, but it definitely has better sound and picture quality. The Sony was excellent, with a great remote, but no matter how hard I tried to prefer the SONY, the Pioneer was the better machine.
I have the Sony and it is a great DVD player, but I still prefer Cal. Audio MKII in my system for audio. Maybe if I got a outboard D.A.C. it would be different. As for DV-05 I had the opposite experience, took it back, picture was great but the audio was not as good as the Sony and the chasis was just flat out dissapointing for this price range. No offense Bmpnyc, that is just my oppinion.
None taken No money, The audio may have been more compatible in your system.I have owned three different Sony CD players, and the DVD-S7700 and they all had a characteristic sound that I call digital "hardness". Like any company with a corporate identity and a signature style Sony has their "sound". Listening to their CD players for years, and being so used to it, perhaps I might have noticed qualities that were not obvious in a shorter listening span. If there is some small annoying sound in your living area, others may not notice it at first, but it might drive you crazy once you are focused on it. I too was disappointed by the build quality of the DV-05, and having a technical problem with two units forced me to return it. I am using a Panasonic A-310 temporarily while I wait for Pioneer to come out with the progressive scan upgrade of the DV-05 (DV-37) The flaw in my DV-05's was a minor one, and probably just my bad luck. I could have happily kept it, but I figured that it was better to put my cash towards a prog. scan model since I could return the DV-05 for credit.
Without a doubt, the 7700 as a combo CD transport / DVD player is great bang for the buck. I certainly wouldn't spend $800 on a transport and NOT get the DVD aspect thinking that it was going to be significantly better in performance than the Sony.
Shabbado, a man by the name of Ric Schultz of EVS has been modifying Pioneer DVD's for some time now. You might want to look at his website to see what it entails. I purchased one of his DAC's, it replaced my MBS link DAC 3. He is very knowledgeable and really enjoys talking with, and helping people. The website is