Sony DVD S7000 or S7700

I'm deciding on either a Sony S7000 w/o DTS or the Sony S7700 with DTS. The price difference is about $75. Which should I go for. Thanks, Steve
If you use as transport most for music go with the 7000 but for most movies go with the 7700. I have owned both and now they're real cheap compare to original price.
I opted for the 7000 and the 1st thing I did was go get a DVD of 'Saving Private Ryan' which is listed as a DTS movie. It played it flawlessly! Any movie I've gotten that has DTS on it has always played on my 7000. For awhile I had it hooked up to an MSB DAC and man, did that sucka sing!!;) I printed out quite a few articles stating that mating the 7000 with a good DAC was an audiophile wet dream (the DAC they used was a Meitner unit but I got great results with the MSB).
Mr Chazro yes the 7000 can play DTS disk but it canot out put DTS surround sound signals. 7671 get the 7700 it's picture is way better than the 7000 and the DTS sound is a must. Either one sound crapy on music anyway IMHO.