Sony DVD recomendations..

Hi folks...

i'm looking for recomendations for a good Sony DVD player that will primarily be a transport for redbook and custom DVD-V discs w/24bit two track audio. picture quality is not really a big concern.
said deck would need to pass 24bit PCM signal out its s/pdif jacks.
My current source is a vinnie mod Toshiba 3960 that I use as a transport only (dampening and power supply mods). It works pretty ok, but its not the best transport in the world due to its build quality. I lean towards sony as I know they are good transports by reputation.
Looking to stay used and under $500.
No question in my mind, the 9000es player.
My 9000es sounds wonderful, however it is picky with Hybrid SACD's. Sometimes it will play one and sometimes it will not play the same hybrid. It will not play CDR's, so most of my bootlegs are out.
Great with movie's and again, sounds flat out wonderful but on occasion will become finicky with disks. Never had this problem with my old $300.00 Panasonic.
I am very happy with a new experiment,maybe you a Panasonic S47 DVD player from for 100$,send it drop-shipped to EVS in Oregon for 300$ mods and hook it up to your favorite DAC,mine was a MSB Gold.Anyway it sounds real good,though my only comparison would be to another cheap trans running a Modwright modded MSB Gold Dac.Sure would like to compare to state of the art,but cannot,good luck,Bob
I've all ready got a cheap DVD transport w/dampening and PS mods...
I guess I"ll just stick w/it. It does everything I need. I just wanted something that isn't so flimsy.
Hopefully another member will pickup on this thread and enlighten us and the other 357 guys who are looking for a player under 500 thats not flimsy
I have Sony DVP-S500D and it has an excellent transport on it. The unit will run you between $50-$75 used.