Sony DVD 7700 or Sony 9000es?

I want to upgrade my DVD player, Which of the two DVD players is the better one?

The Sony DVD 7700 or the Sony 9000es? and why?

Thanks for you're help.

I like the 7700 so much I've purchased 3!!!Built like a tank, tracks everything, great picture ,superb Dacs!I don't need SACD and the Line Doubler in my Mitsu widesceen is as good as progressive scan to my eyes.The 7700 has an icon controller on the front panel(missing on the 9000 ES).The 9000 ES is a lightweight!

I believe the Sony 9000ES is the best they make. True 3-2 pulldown progressive scan, SACD, two sets of outputs, excellent looking...with some mods it can be quite excellent for CD too. I own one.
I agree with Argent the Sony S9000ES is better than the 7700 almost anyway you look at it.
The two big advantages of the S9000ES are Progressive Scanning and SACD. It is a generation ahead of the 7700.
Enough said.